SV Vacuumservice Oy was established in 1984 and specializes in vacuum technology. We represent companies in the vacuum industry worldwide. In addition to imports, we design, manufacture, and assemble vacuum equipment. We also offer consulting, servicing, and the sale of spare parts for various vacuum pumps. Our goal is to provide all of the necessary components for the vacuum applications for our customers. Our customer base consists of small companies, major domestic OEM manufacturers and major institutions, as well as everything in between.

Only the best vacuum brands

Vacuumservice represents only the best brands like Pfeiffer Vacuum, VAT and MKS Instruments, which are the world market leaders in their segments. We are the longest-operating company in Finland in the high vacuum sector and we have over 30 years of experience of functional and stable cooperation with our suppliers. That means our expertise, combined with the high-quality products and excellence of Pfeiffer Vacuum, MKS Instruments and VAT is an unbeatable combination, which we can use to provide for you.