It is not quite the same which oil is used to lubricate a vacuum system

Are you looking for vacuum pump oil, and is it time to service your Pfeiffer Vacuum pump? You have come to the right place. We will quickly supply you with the oils for applications where there are no corrosive, harmful gases; and for pumps that are used in processes that require to use special oils.

However, it is not quite the same oils or greases that are used to lubricate vacuum systems and their parts. Different oils must be used depending on the level of the vacuum. A special oil is used when oxygen is pumped – that is because mineral or synthetic oils may degrade or even explode in such applications. A special oil is used in cold applications, in which (for example) gas is made. We have chosen to include Fomblin oils and greases, as well as the Pfeiffer Vacuum P3 mineral oil in our product range, as they are the highest quality vacuum pump oils available – they will perform in any situation. It doesn´t matter how much oil you need since our warehouse carries a diverse range of greases and oils, from small tubes all the way to big barrels.

Did you know?

Please keep in mind that oils and greases are an essential part of vacuum pump maintenance operations, so an easy way to ensure the functioning of the equipment and long-lasting use, is to change the oil at regular intervals – just like in cars. Greases are used in vacuum systems, for example, for the lubrication of bearings or O-ring.