We know which sensors, gauges, and display device combinations are best for your operation

Whatever you need in the area of vacuum measurement, you will find just the right sensor, gauge, and display devices from us. Our selection includes a wide range of different options and our task is to find the right products and solutions for your application.

Depending on the vacuum, a variety of gauges are used, since different vacuum levels require that different techniques are used for measurement. From the operation of the vacuum system point of view, it is essential to know the current vacuum level.

We represent Pfeiffer and MKS’s products, so our product range includes a wide selection of vacuum sensors and gauges; from standard atmospheric pressure to UHV-vacuum systems, i.e. all the way to space vacuums – or even a little further. Our sensors also use a number of different measurement techniques: Piezo, Pirani, cold cathode, hot cathode and capacitive sensors. And, of course, we can also find the controller units used in vacuum gauges.

Vacuumservice delivers only quality, so we represent the best products also among vacuum sensors and vacuum gauges. MKS is the world leader in gauges, and their product range is incredibly wide. Pfeiffer gauges are, in turn, among the cutting edge of Pirani sensors.

Did you know?

Vacuum gauges are used to measure pressure which is lower than ambient atmospheric pressure. Pressure = force per unit area. When pressure drops, the power decreases proportionally. A variety of gauges have been developed for different measurement areas, according to the intended use and the operating conditions. Pirani developed a pressure gauge based on the thermal conductivity in 1906, Buckley developed a hot cathode gauge in 1916 and Penning developed a cold cathode gauge in 1937.