We sell not only just the product code, but the vacuum components suitable for your needs

You will receive all of the necessary components for the construction of a vacuum system from us. We also store the most typical components, meaning that you can get them from us quickly. If the components are not available in our warehouse for one reason or another at this very moment, we will quickly find and deliver the items best suited for your needs. Do you need to know what type of components you need? If not, that´s ok! We have the knowledge and experience to find you the right product. You can tell us your needs, for instance – “The X pipe must be attached to the vacuum pump Y´. We will dig up the critical parameters, on the basis of which we will be able to move forward together. After all, vacuum components are structural elements that are required in vacuum pumps as the extensions of valves and other components, which is why understanding the entire package is very important. That’s why we have the principle of not selling only a product code, but always trying to find the customer the exact right vacuum component.

Vacuum components can be compared to the fuel of a car. When the components for a large vacuum pump system have been acquired, we will need the structural parts or components that form an integral part of the package and ensure that the package functions. You can purchase components at the same time as part of a bigger package, or piece by piece. Whatever the situation, the reassuring news is that you will always receive planning assistance or a single component directly from the warehouse – you will not be in trouble!

Product catalogue (pdf): Vacuum-Technology-Book

Did you know?

Vacuums are used everywhere: in incandescent lamps, and in the drying of food and chemicals. A rough vacuum is usually used in the vacuum packs used for food preservation. Sensitive devices, such as transistors and capacitors, may be encapsulated in a high vacuum area.