A broad range of vacuum products

Vacuum pumps

Has your vacuum pump stopped working? We provide help quickly and can select the best pump for restarting your production process. Read more about vacuum pumps

Vacuum valves

We represent the global market leader of vacuum valves, Swiss VAT. From VAT product portfolio you can find high quality vacuum valve for every vacuum application.read more about vacuum valves

Vacuum components

We offer all the necessary components for vacuum systems. The most typical components are always stocked and we also provide fast deliveries of other components. Read more vacuum components

Leak testing

Pfeiffer’s accurate and reliable leak detectors will detect any leak. We offer equipment for research and development as well to production use. Read more about leak testing

Vacuum sensors and gauges

As it is not always easy to know the device combination best suited for a specific process, we like to offer our professional tips in addition to the devices themselves. Read more about sensors and gauges

Vacuum oils and greases

Is it time to service your Vacuum pump? The choice of oil used to lubricate a vacuum system is important – you will find the best oils on the market through us. Read more about oils

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