The delivery of the vacuum valves is precise as the Swiss clock

It is no coincidence that we represent the Swiss VAT vacuum valve. VAT is a global market leader for the sale of a vacuum valves of which Vacuumservice has the exclusive rights in Finland. Vacuumservice and VAT have very similar values, as we both believe in high product quality, operational reliability, continuous innovation, and rapid delivery times. We have learned to fully trust VAT’s deliveries.

So if you need to find a high-quality vacuum valve, you can safely turn to us. Just like Vacuumservice, VAT has remained focused on its core business, vacuum valves, for decades, so their expertise is the strong backbone for our company.

But you need to ask yourself – do you need the vacuum valve for basic use, or do you need a customized valve solution? We can do both since we carry extremely wide product range. We can tailor vacuum valve systems according to your needs, if you need for example, a compact valve system for manufacturing a device.

We also provide components and seal kits for older VAT vacuum valves, the production of which have already been terminated. VAT is capable of tracing products very far in their history based only on the serial number and product code. So turn to us for assistance if you´ve got an old serial or product number from the Vacuumservice range. You might be surprised!

Did you know?

Aristotle was of the opinion, in his time, that there can be no such thing as a vacuum, because no space can consist of ‘nothing’. Based on Aristotle’s viewpoint, people in the Middle Ages developed a fear of emptiness – according to which nature tends to resist the emergence of a vacuum. However, pondering and studying the concept of a vacuum gained momentum in the 1600s, and the air pump used to create the first ever vacuum was developed by Otto von Guericke in the mid 1600s.