PVA TePla AG is a well-established service and system vendor in the production and processing systems and spaces of advanced industrial materials taking place at high temperature and in gas plasma. PVA TePlan is headquartered in Germany.

Vacuum systems

PVA TePlan´s core competence is the construction of the systems used in vacuum and pressure sintering of hard metals. COD machines made for this purpose are also extremely suitable for the sintering of ceramics. Ceramics are increasingly used in the production of vehicles and engines because of the light weight of the material. Products containing exceptional characteristics, such as anti-friction, and through it strong resistance, are manufactured in heat termination processes by means of vacuum conditions, and in successive hot isostatic processes in up to 100 bar gas pressure. The exact temperature control of the PVA TePlan systems ensures high-quality products.

Crystal Growing Systems

For decades CGS has designed and produced crystal growth equipment for silicon crystal production. As the technically leading manufacturer, CGS is one of the most important operators in the sector.

Plasma Systems

Plasma Systems designs, develops, and builds customer specific plasma equipment. They specialize in technologies for the modification of substrate surfaces on precisely controlled plasma. As a result, the company is able to provide its customers with specific solutions in two application areas: semiconductor and industrial/medical markets.