Intellemetrics has many years of experience in the design, production, testing, and application of optical and crystal process surveillance equipment for the thin film and dry etching industry.

The design and product development of Intellemetrics are located in Scotland, in the Hillington Industrial Park, close to the Glasgow airport and the main road network.

Optical laser gauges

IL550 and IL560 series optical gauges are supplied as complete turnkey packages. Each package includes a fully integrated and automated hardware and software solution that meets the highest quality and capacity requirements. Intellemetrics has produced the industry´s leading optical gauges for the thin film coating industry since 1987.

View of the main electrode of a laser

If the depth of the plasma etching of your hardware is important, you need the LEP400. The LEP400 can be adjusted within minutes to any plasma etching device, with a direct view of the etched silicon wafer. The direct view is generally arranged through an overhead hatch of the main electrode. In most modern etching devices the view is preset, and upon request, the majority of manufacturers offer a modified electrode. If you have any questions about any plasma etching device, ask us for details.

Crystal Controllers

Intellemetrics offers a range of Quartz Crystal products for thin film measurement and manufacturing management. These products are designed to work alone or in combination with an OEM vacuum deposition system.