MKS Instruments is a leading global provider of advanced production process management systems. Its systems are used, for example, in the manufacture of devices based on semiconductors; in the manufacture of thin films for flat displays, optical storage media, building glass and electro-optical products, as well as in the production of medical imaging equipment. MKS Instruments is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA.

Energy & Reactive Gas

Remote Plasma Systems Ozone products
RF power generators
Plasma-measurement system networks
Power supply accessories

Vacuum technology

Flanges and adapters
Vacuum valves
Vacuum gauges and transformers
Heated kits and system solutions
HPS adapted production

Flow measurement and management

Mass flow gauges and controllers
Integrated solutions
Flow measurements / Control Power Supplies

Gas analysis

Mass spectrometers

Control information and technology

Control systems
Acquisition of TOOL network data
The sensor integrations and data analysis


Calibrating the pressure level
Calibration of the flow level

Ionization & industrial noise management

Ionization in high-tech noise management, printing, and plastics

Medical Electronics

**RF amplifiers for MRI


Stainless steel products
Filter encapsulation
Filter encapsulation heaters
Pressure measurement and calibration instruments
Ozone generators
Flow management
Process management software
Customized biopharmaceutical products