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Vacuum valves

The delivery of the vacuum valves is precise as the Swiss clock

It is no coincidence that we represent the Swiss VAT vacuum valve. VAT is a global market leader for the sale of a vacuum valves of which Vacuumservice has the exclusive rights in Finland. Vacuumservice and VAT have very similar values, as we both believe in high product quality, operational reliability, continuous innovation, and rapid delivery times. We have learned to fully trust VAT's deliveries. When a Swiss person promises that a product will be delivered in three days, it will be done - always.

So if you need to find a high-quality vacuum valve, you can safely turn to us. Just like Vacuumservice, VAT has remained focused on its core business, vacuum valves, for decades, so their expertise is the strong backbone for our company.

But you need to ask yourself - do you need the vacuum valve for basic use, or do you need a customized valve solution? We can do both since we carry extremely wide product range. We can tailor vacuum valve systems according to your needs, if you need for example, a compact valve system for manufacturing a device.

We also provide components and seal kits for older VAT vacuum valves, the production of which have already been terminated. VAT is capable of tracing products very far in their history based only on the serial number and product code. So turn to us for assistance if you´ve got an old serial or product number from the Vacuumservice range. You might be surprised!

Did you know?

Aristotle was of the opinion, in his time, that there can be no such thing as a vacuum, because no space can consist of ‘nothing'. Based on Aristotle's viewpoint, people in the Middle Ages developed a fear of emptiness - according to which nature tends to resist the emergence of a vacuum. However, pondering and studying the concept of a vacuum gained momentum in the 1600s, and the air pump used to create the first ever vacuum was developed by Otto von Guericke in the mid 1600s.

VAT Vacuum gate valve

VAT vacuum gate valves allow for unimpeded flow and low flow resistance. Thanks to a low installation height, these products achieve an excellent conductivity and very low flow resistance when vacuum pumps are used.

Double valve plates move forward and backward, opening and closing the valves. When the valve is closed, the two parts are separated from each other and positioned against the seals on the impact of balls. The valves are divided according to the direction of the movement of the gate valve into pendulum valves, shuttle valves, and circlip valves. Gate valves are available as manual, pneumatic or electric actuators. The valves can also be customized according to customer needs.

VAT Vacuum angle valve  

VAT valves are bellows-sealed and designed for demanding use, as well as, for pump systems, for the semiconductor industry as well as for research purposes. VAT Vacuum angle valves are especially suitable for industrial use as they are very compact, robust, and resistant to dirt. The inlet and outlet flanges are perpendicular to each other in a frame manufactured of aluminum and stainless steel. The valve plate has a wedge-shaped or annular elastomeric seal. The valve plate is pressed against the valve seat and closes the valve. The mechanical parts are located outside the vacuum assembly, so they are easy to lubricate. Angle valves may be provided with any common flange types and are either hand-held, air driven, electric-air driven, or solenoid driven.

VAT Vacuum transfer-valve


To isolate the load-lock chamber and the process chamber for 200, 300 and 450 mm semiconductor plates. MONOVAT valves use three-dimensional sealing technology so that opening and closing takes place in one smooth motion. Despite a really short opening and closing times, these valves can also achieve the lowest possible particle volumes peeling off the sealing material. Very space-saving and maintenance-free, this drive mechanism meets the requirements set for the insulation of the Load-lock chamber and the process chamber of the semiconductor industry (200-450 mm).

VAT Vacuum control valve

Control valves are used for controlling the flow of gas to the vacuum system, for example, to maintain or to determine a certain pressure. Control valves often act like a needle valve.

VAT Vacuum special valve 

MVM valves simplify the end-user systems and reduce the carbon footprint by the integration of the valves and pumping lines to each other. The reduction of the chamber size and the seals shortens the time spent on pumping and deaeration, which in turn improves the performance.

COMVAT edge welded bellows

COMVAT is the world's leading manufacturer of edge welded bellows and is particularly specialized in automation processes. The manufacturing of edge welded bellows takes place in a clean room in full compliance with ISO 8 requirements, and highly automated laser and welding machines are ideal for the production of large quantities.