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Vacuum components

We sell not only just the product code, but the vacuum components suitable for your needs.

You will receive all of the necessary components for the construction of a vacuum system from us. We also store the most typical components, meaning that you can get them from us quickly. If the components are not available in our warehouse for one reason or another at this very moment, we will quickly find and deliver the items best suited for your needs. Do you need to know what type of components you need? If not, that´s ok! We have the knowledge and experience to find you the right product. You can tell us your needs, for instance - “The X pipe must be attached to the vacuum pump Y´. We will dig up the critical parameters, on the basis of which we will be able to move forward together. After all, vacuum components are structural elements that are required in vacuum pumps as the extensions of valves and other components, which is why understanding the entire package is very important. That's why we have the principle of not selling only a product code, but always trying to find the customer the exact right vacuum component.

Vacuum components can be compared to the fuel of a car. When the components for a large vacuum pump system have been acquired, we will need the structural parts or components that form an integral part of the package and ensure that the package functions. You can purchase components at the same time as part of a bigger package, or piece by piece. Whatever the situation, the reassuring news is that you will always receive planning assistance or a single component directly from the warehouse - you will not be in trouble!

Did you know?

Vacuums are used everywhere: in incandescent lamps, and in the drying of food and chemicals. A rough vacuum is usually used in the vacuum packs used for food preservation. Sensitive devices, such as transistors and capacitors, may be encapsulated in a high vacuum area.

Pfeiffer Vacuum vacuum components

The vacuum system consists of several separate, interconnected components. By means of removable, vacuum-sealed flange connections, components can be connected either directly or by using pipe or hose vacuum components. In the Pfeiffer Vacuum range there is a large variety of standard components that are usually manufactured of stainless steel or aluminum. In vacuum connections that can be used pipe components, such as elbows, T-pieces or cross-connections and adapters in the connections between the vacuum flanges and the threads or VCR connectors. With reducers and adapters, nominal diameters and flange versions can be changed as needed.


The interface, according to the standard concerning small flanges or the KF standard (DIN 28403, ISO 2861), is a standard interface for vacuum pipes, with a nominal diameter of up to DN50, and are used in all kinds of vacuum pumps (coarse vacuum, intermediate vacuum, and high vacuum). The seal is placed between the two flanges. The seal has a metal centering ring and an elastomeric O-ring as a seal. The flanges are attached to each other with a clamp. The clamp has a sloping inner surface, so it is tight against the conical outer surface of the flanges.

Centering rings and standard clamps are generally used in combination with the wing nut. In this way, assembly is quick and easy and no tools are required. Grooved centering rings and special clamps for more demanding installations, as well as chippers and other fasteners suitable for fastening flanges are also available.


The ISO-KF-interface clamp connection (DIN 28404, ISO 1609) is the standard interface in vacuum tubes with a nominal diameter of at least DN63. ISO-K: The two separate flanges are interconnected by chippers. Behind the flanges, there are grooves into which chippers are installed for connecting flanges to each other. ISO-K interfaces include a sealing with a metal centering ring and an elastomeric O-ring between the flanges. In general, an extra centering ring is used outside of the O-ring to ensure uniform spacing of the connection.


Since UHV pumps pose ever greater demands on the materials and interfaces, CE requirements (ISO/TS 3669-2:2007) have been set on their technology.

CF flanges are made of round preforms made of stainless steel on CNC equipment. Rotating flanges are of two-pieces and they have an inner part equipped with the sealing surface as well as an outer part equipped with bolt holes. In the connections made with CF-flanges normally, copper seals are used. The flange has a sharp shoulder that is pressed against the metal seal to provide a very compact joint.

The chambers

The core of the vacuum system is the vacuum chamber designed and implemented according to the intended use. The chamber encloses the assembly and effectively isolates it from the surrounding space and protects the environment from the processes taking place within the device. The vacuum chamber must always be able to withstand the pressure difference on the mechanics, regardless of whether the high-vacuum is used for drying, plasma processes or an ultra-vacuum used for surface studies.

 Traps and filters

Mass-Vac offers a wide range of the traps and oil mist separators needed to protect the pump and the entire vacuum system from the damage caused by the condensates of water, solvent and oil vapor, particles, and reactive solids. Suitable products are selected on a case by case basis. The substance filtered through the trap, the gates necessary for the coupling of the vacuum system, and the form of the trap must be noted on the selection of traps.


Electrical power, signals, fluids, and mechanical movement must often be transferred to the vacuum through vacuum sealed bushings.

Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a wide range of different vacuum bushings for electric current, voltage, thermocouples and liquids in the configurations of high and ultra high vacuums. In addition, we also have mechanical vacuum bushings available for the bushings based on rotary and linear movement. Such bushings are equipped with an elastomeric sealing and magnetic couplings or edge welded bellows for ultra-high vacuum configurations.

 Sample processing

UHV Design has developed and manufactured equipment intended for processing samples for more than 15 years. A product line has emerged as a result of long experience, which has transformed UHV Design into a leading company in the industry for the manufacture of devices intended for processing samples of high and ultra-high vacuum equipment. UHV Design is a comprehensive range that includes typical products, and is also able to manufacture products tailor-made for our customers´ needs.

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